Silva Agostini is a conceptual media artist, whose artistic practice revolves around various cultural forms such as spirituality, magic, science, archeology, the body and how these reflect the individual and collective developments in societies. She uses video, photography and performative interventions to study how existential human experience and historical developments are manifested and to understand how spirituality, physicality and psychology relate to surrounding environments.
In Music Requisites, a row of parked cars are animated into a world of fairies and heroes in the Nightlife district of Tirana. The cars light up to Richard Wagner’s opera ‘The Fairies’ and recreate the opera in a procession of light and sound. This performative intervention exposed the former communist power center to the symbolism of the late 19th century.
Site-specificity is also an important aspect in the video Forms of Presence, where Agostini films taxidermy animals in the warehouse basement of a Natural History Museum. The basement, as a place and motif, intensifies the notion of the hereafter and the animal corpses bring up associations with death, in a place, which in return is brought to represent the brutal and bloody history of the dictatorship in Albania.
In another video Mutual Red, two acrobats are balancing solely on each other’s heads, a close-up camera tracing intimately facial expressions, distorted eyes and heavy breathing, their scalps in intense pressure, rubbing, grappling to lock into a stable position. An act intended to connect the viewer with an elementary dimension of human existence.
The human body take a central stage in Agostini’s performative and media based work. Movements are expressions which produce unexpected and peculiar figurations in their abstraction. The artist isolates and elevates these figurations as crucial performative gestures, stretching them into palpable moments that enable a sensitive perception in her audiences.

Silva Agostini (* 1979) lives and works in Berlin. She attended the Academy of Arts in 1998 -99 Tirana and the Berlin University of the Arts where she graduated as master student of Profesor Christiane Möbus 2005.
Her works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and Europe, including: Bazament Tirana, Belvedere 21 Wien, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Basis Frankfurt, Grieder Contemporary Zürich, Macedonian Museum of contemporary art Thessaloniki, the Muzeul National de arta contemporana Bucharest, Gallery Isabella Czarnowska Berlin, Kunstsammlung Gera, the National Gallery Tirana as well as at the Tirana Biennale. She received the Onufri Award in 2014 and has attended the TICA Residency in 2016 and the Art House in Shkodra 2018. She is a founding member of the project space “Very” in Berlin.