(A) Current State

2014, HD video projection
6.50 min

(A) Current State on Vimeo.

In `(A) Current State` a solo dance is performed in a six-minute time. This dance revolves around the human body, as the primal condition of reality. The character, relating to her inner condition, creates figures through body movements. There she draws her strength and develops the ability to control any tension and pain. She calls us to go even closer and  confronts us directly with her tensions and worries, flesh and skin surface, an intimate and  yet universal dimension.

Choreographic Concept: Silva Agostini
Choreography: Emma Waltraud Howes
Dancer: Emma Waltraud Howes
Camera: Jan Zabeil
Editing: Silva Agostini
Sound Design: Christian Obermaier
Costume: Sara Schwarz

© Silva Agostini 2014

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