Steady Cadence

2012, HD Video Projektion 7.15 min


Steady Cadence on Vimeo

Set against the backdrop of a monotonous urban landscape, a long-distance runner pulls his seemingly endless laps on the running track. As his physical act intensifies, the continuous and monotone atmosphere builds up towards a feeling of sadness.
The film changes perspective; the sequel of the circular movement and the tense journey is now shown through the runner’s point of view, juxtaposing us with his physical and emotional strain. “Steady Cadence” deals with the individual and collective experience of body, work and time.

Runner: Alban Stafa
Camera: Erald Nallbani, Silva Agostini
Film Edit: Silva Agostini
Sound Mix: Michal Krjczok
© Silva Agostini

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