Portrayal of a Crisis

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What became a starting point for the project “Portrayal of a Crisis” were forms of magic like “Fascinatura” or “Evil Eye”, mores which, until the half of the last century, affected almost every aspect of the population’s life in southern Italy. In his book ‘Sud e Magia’, anthropologist Ernesto de Martino analyzes these phenomenons along the Lucania area, where, he emphasizes the effectiveness of the symbol and the role of the ritual onto the origin of the negative in the exorcist practices for the re-integration of the threatened person. Incited by this book, my project stems from the idea of the “Evil Eye” thought up as a separated part of the human body, but at the same time a look and an affecting image that falls upon and stimulates change in the body and the soul of the victim. At the center of the project lays the (re)production of the image, as a concomitant of modern life, equipped with the ability to communicate and act. Through historical and contemporary elements, protagonists point the superiority of modern man, as well as its vulnerability towards the tensions of life.

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